Pools at Capital Pools and Spa

Inground Pools

Capital Pool and Spa sells numerous inground Kafko Pools in various sizes and shapes to fit your landscape, lifestyle, and budget.

Above Ground Pools

At Capital Pool and Spa, we sell Generation Premium Above Ground Pools - the pool for generations of family fun.

Pool Accessories

At Capital Pool and Spa, we sell a wide variety of pool accessories that keep your pool safe and looking great all year-round.

Pool Chemicals

At Capital Pool and Spa, we sell a wide variety of pool chemicals that keep your pool clean and looking great all year-round

Our backyard pool has been the center of summer activities for many years-from the oval above ground when the kids were really young to the big lazy L and present day smaller rectangle that suits our current lifestyle-we have always enjoyed it.  With use comes maintenance and that has inspired me to write.

BioGuard swimming pool treatments make all previous pool chemicals seem ineffective.  Our pool exhibits the amazing sparkly quality we associate with clean, inviting water.  Side benefits include no water line scum, no odor on your skin, less vacuuming, silky feel of the water that is hard to describe, and no annual August red algae.  Change can be good!

Algae Products

photo of Algae productAlgae are microscopic plants that grow in or around water and can be a very troublesome aspect of pool maintenance. Prevention is by far the best way to fight algae. That's why an algae preventative is part of the BioGuard® 15 Minute Work Week maintenance system. View the Algae products from the BioGuard® website



photo of Blanance pak 100BioGuard® balancers are essential to an effective pool program. Maintenance will be easier and you can prevent routine pool care issues from growing into major problems. View the Balancer products from the BioGuard® website



photo of off the wall cleanerLook to BioGuard® cleaners to remove scale, hard water deposits, foam and stains and extend the life of pool covers and filters. Put cleaning on your routine maintenance list and you'll extend the life and improve the appearance of your pool and equipment. View the Cleaner products from the BioGuard® website



photo of smart shock cleanerOxidizing is the second step in BioGuard®'s 15 Minute Work Week system. Oxidizers "shock" the water and chemically destroy the organic contamination introduced by bathers and the environment. Shocking keeps the water clear and sparkling. View the Oxider products from the BioGuard® website



photo of Smart Sticks sanitizerBy continually killing bacteria, a sanitizer provides swimmer protection from disease causing organisms. This important role makes the sanitizer the most critical product in pool care. That's why BioGuard® has made sanitizing the first step in pool care systems. View the Sanitizer products from the BioGuard® website


Water Enhancers

photo of polly sheen blueProducts in this category clear cloudy water and restore the sparkle to your pool water. Enhancers will also help your filter work more efficiently by acting as a coagulant to bind tiny particles together so they are easier for your filter to remove. View the Water Enhancer products from the BioGuard® website



photo of hibernate antifreezeWinterizing is the most important thing you can do to make your spring pool opening as easy as possible. There are enormous benefits to correctly closing your pool, including protecting your pool surfaces and equipment and keeping water looking its best all winter long. View the Winterization products from the BioGuard® website

Capital Pool and Spa offers in ground pool maintenance, repairs and renovations.  

 Inground PoolInground pool

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inground poolinground pool

inground poolinground pool

inground pool

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Offering quality pool and spa equipment and accessories. Brands such as Jacuzzi, Kafko, BioGuard and SpaGuard make ownership more enjoyable.


About Us

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Ian McLellan has over twenty years experience working as a service technician in this industry. Rod McLellan can be found in the store helping customers as he continues over forty years expertise as “POOLMAN”. Learn more about Capital Pool and Spa

Pool Inspection Service

Pool Inspection Service

Capital Pool and Spa also inspects pools and spas for the real estate and insurance industries and are the only pool and spa store in Fredericton that offers a dive service.


The friendly and knowledgeable staff at Capital Pool & Spa are there to help. Rod McLellan is pictured testing pool water, this is a free service to help you maintain balanced water chemistry.