Spa Chemicals


SpaGuard products are manufactured to provide the spa owner with a full range of concentrated products for essential and optimum bather and equipment protection. They are presented in easy to use packaging. Containers have either a visual strip to assist in dosing and application, or their caps can be used as a handy measuring device.

Capital Pool and Spa offers the following spa chemicals:

Sanitizers to kill bacteria and keep the water protected and soothing.

Oxidizers to remove undesirable compounds and keep the water clean and clear. 

Balancers to make the water feel wonderful, and protect the spa surfaces and equipment. 

Accessories to keep the spa clean and the water beautiful and in optimum condition.

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AquaFinesse is a patented environmentally friendly water care solution that allows users to enjoy their hot tubs without the harsh effects of chemicals.

Everything you need to experience clean, soft, crystal clear water is in one convenient carrying case. 

We take the guesswork out of hot tub water care in one easy step per week! You and your family will soak in the most luxurious water without the time and hassle of measuring multiple chemicals.

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Spa Marvel

Spa Marvel Water Treatment & Conditioner (Spa Marvel) is an environmentally-friendly, enzyme based spa-water treatment product that can reduce and eliminate the need for many of the chemicals used in traditional spa water treatment.

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